FOK Announces Grant Funding from Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation



LAWRENCE, KS (JUNE 7, 2021) – Friends of the Kaw announced today that the Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation has provided grant funding to install a bioswale at the Wakarusa Riverbank Restoration Project site at the Eudora Boat Ramp in Eudora, KS.

A bioswale is a channel or low area in the land where stormwater collects and moves toward a storm drain, river, or other body of water. When planted with native wildflowers, grasses, and sedges, the bioswale is better able to slow and filter nutrients and pollution before the water reaches the river. This bioswale is an important part of the overall Wakarusa Riverbank Restoration Project at this boat ramp. The goal of our restoration project is to ultimately protect the water quality of the Kansas River. 

“When we embarked on this project at the Eudora Boat Ramp in 2020, we still needed funding for our dream of a bioswale to help filter pollutants before they reach the Wakarusa River and Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation came forward to help us achieve this goal,” said Dawn Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper and Executive Director.  “We are so very grateful to the Foundation for their funding and partnership for this project and it’s importance to our rivers,” said Kim Bellemere, Program Manager with Friends of the Kaw. 

We would also like to thank our other project partners, Eudora Parks and Recreation Department and Native Lands, LLC.  Funding for the Wakarusa Restoration Project is provided in part by the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council, while the Bioswale is funded by Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation.  Thank to everyone for collaborating on such a fun and important project. 

About the Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation:
The Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation was formed to create, promote, preserve and enhance recreational resources to ensure current and future generations enjoy a healthy quality of life.

About Friends of the Kaw:
Friends of the Kaw is the only non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Kansas River. 

Protect. Advocate, Discover.  #kansasriver 
For Media Inquiries Please Contact:
Dawn Buehler
Kansas Riverkeeper® & Executive Director
Friends of the Kaw

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