Bluejacket Trail

Kathy Pritchett, Trails Grant Coordinator
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
512 SE 25 th Ave.
Pratt, KS 67124

Re: Bluejacket Trail Project
The Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation’s mission is to create, promote, preserve and enhance
recreational resources to ensure current and future generations enjoy a healthy quality of life. The
Bluejacket Trail project aligns perfectly with this mission and our vision – to enhance, help preserve,
create, promote, and advance the acquisition and use of public recreation programs, lands and facilities
of the City of Eudora Parks and Recreation. By making improvements to the City’s existing trail in
Bluejacket Park and creating sidewalk connections around the park, this project will further our vision
for the Eudora community.
A wider, longer, and ADA-accessible trail around the park would ensure access to recreational
opportunities to residents of the older part of town that Bluejacket Park serves. There are many seniors
who live in this area who have expressed concerns about using the trail in the dilapidated state it is
currently in. To maximize recreational resources that the community does have, repairs and
improvements must be made to the trail. Not only would this project create a desirable recreational
location in itself, it would create new access points and enhance access to Bluejacket Park and the
playground equipment and disc golf course at that location.
This project would also make new connections to streets and would link to the city’s existing sidewalk,
thus creating a fully-connected sidewalk system in this residential area. Improvements to Bluejacket
Trail will attract residents to use the park more often and will provide a better connected trail/sidewalk
system for the community’s recreational use.
Improvements to Bluejacket Trail would go a long way to making the healthy choice the easy choice for
Eudora residents with differing levels of mobility and recreational interests. Please support this project.

Kind Regards,

Justin Eddings, President
Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation

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