South Sports Complex

Barack Matite
City of Eudora
12 East 7th Street
Eudora, KS 66025

Re: Eudora South Sports Complex Support
The Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation’s mission is to create, promote, preserve and enhance
recreational resources to ensure current and future generations enjoy a healthy quality of life. The
Eudora South Sports Complex project aligns perfectly with this mission and our vision – to enhance, help
preserve, create, promote, and advance the acquisition and use of public recreation programs, lands
and facilities of the City of Eudora Parks and Recreation. By creating replacement and new multi-
purpose, flexible-use sports fields for youth and adult recreation, this project will further our vision for
the Eudora community.
Soccer’s popularity continues to grow in our region and in Eudora. The Eudora Parks & Recreation
Foundation strongly supports projects that promote community and physical activity, especially while
recreating outdoors. We back projects in our community that are responsive to the desires and
demands of our residents and which make Eudorans healthier emotionally, mentally, and physically. We
believe that strong communities are forged through strong partnerships and so are happy to partner
with the City and School District to this complex become a reality.
Building the Eudora South Sports Complex would go a long way to strengthening our community and
residents. Please support this project.

Kind Regards,

Justin Eddings, President
Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation

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