Letter of Support – 10th Street

October 13th, 2020

KDOT Transportation Alternatives Program

Jenny Kramer

Eisenhower State Office Building

700 SW Harrison St., 2nd Floor

Topeka, KS 66603

Re: Eudora Sidewalk extension on 10th street from Church St. to Peach St. 

The Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation’s mission is to create, promote, preserve and enhance recreational resources to ensure current and future generations enjoy a healthy quality of life. The creation of a six foot multi-use path along 10th street aligns perfectly with this mission and our vision – to enhance, help preserve, create, promote, and advance the acquisition and use of public recreation programs, lands and facilities of the City of Eudora Parks and Recreation. There is not currently a safe path for pedestrians or young cyclists on this route between Church St. and Peach St. in Eudora. Users have to cross several unmarked intersections and traverse the shoulder of the road to reach the elementary school on 10th Street. This is dangerous and effectively cuts off easy access to students and staff who would like to walk or bike to the school from the downtown area, older neighborhoods, or the nearby homes.  

Creating a safe, sustainable path between Church and Peach on 10th Street will benefit the community by providing an ADA-accessible path that increases mobility and connectivity for users along 10th street. Improvements will provide students attending Eudora Elementary a safe route to walk or bike to class. Residents will have new and expanded routes to access community amenities including downtown, teh elementary school, residential neighborhoods, and an expanded network of safe sidewalks to recreate on. Expanded options and paths will also positively affect the health and wellbeing of the community by encouraging walking and biking. 

Improvements to 10th street will go a long way to making the healthy choice the easy choice for Eudora residents. Many of our residents have differing levels of mobility and recreational interests so an inclusive path strongly supports them. Please consider this as our formal request for you to support this project in Eudora. 

Kind Regards, 

Justin Eddings, President

Eudora Parks & Recreation Foundation

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